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is a hobby of growing and cultivating flowers, plants, vegetables, fruits or herbs in your own garden. Even though gardening involves manual labour, it is still considered to be relaxing activity. It gives the opportunity to quiet down after a busy day at work and also gives a sense of accomplishment. There are quite a few things you would need to get started. The basic tools are gloves, spade, wheelbarrow, hand trowel, rake, hoe, long hose and loopers. Now you need to decide what you would like to grow in your garden and get the right seeds, soil fertilizers and nutrients. Enjoy the feeling of earth on your palms, admire the beauty of your creation and relish the taste of your home-grown carrots.

Go karting

is racing an open-wheel car/kart on indoor or outdoor track. To start testing your driving skills find your local go karting venue. If you do a bit of research online, you will be able to find information about venue's features such as types of karts available, length and type of the track and prices. Karting is a thrilling activity but it can also be a great family sport. Children can start racing from the age of 6 in specially designed karts. There are proper safety measures taken by the venue to let participants enjoy this amazing experience. Most venues provide safety gear such as outfit, gloves and helmets. However, if you become a regular on a track, it is a good idea to invest in the gear, which will fit you best. Now, ...with the well fitted helmet, feel the rush of speed and adrenaline as you race.


is water based activity in which you have to use an inflatable boat called raft. The idea of the sport is to navigate the raft down the river for exhilarating ride. Rafting is popular among families and adventurers. If you are not up for a bumpy experience or being accompanied by children, you can choose to practice your paddling skills over gentle waters. You can relax and loose yourself in the surrounding of nature. For people with more thrilling requirements other river rides are offered. Firstly, you need to decide what your objectives are and then find the right experience provider. The providers will take care of the equipment needed for rafting. However, if you fall in love with this activity and plan to do it on more regular basis it would be good to have your own wetsuit, helmet and paddle.


is a recreational activity of swimming through the surface of water, face-down, with the aid of diving mask, breathing tube called snorkel and swim fins. Use of this equipment allows you to watch coral reef and undersea life without any great physical effort. Snorkelling can be performed by anyone at any age who can swim and float in the water. Snorkelling does not require any qualifications so you can freely explore the sea life the way you like. In most cases, snorkelling takes place in shallow, calm, warm waters at tropical locations. Wetsuit may be useful if you decide to snorkel in cooler waters. Warm or cold, it does not matter. What matters the most is the idea of losing yourself and falling in love with underwater nature.

Horse riding

is a skill of riding on a horse's back. It can be enjoyed by adults and children. Encounter with the horse is both relaxing and challenging. It is not only about mastering the way of how to control a big animal. It is also about caring for the animal, which teaches responsibility. Riding is a great way of being outdoors and enjoying the beauty of surrounding countryside. To start your great experience, you need to find your local Horse Riding Centre. The Centre will provide all the equipment needed for the horse. Before you sit in the saddle, it is important to have proper horse riding clothes and footwear. Now, when you have everything organised ... enjoy the sense of freedom when you ride.


is running. There is nothing else to explain. It is an exhilarating sport that keeps you moving, engaged, and energized. It's both a mental and physical sport. Running enables you to get to know your limits and, if you are up for it, exceed them. Running, like many other sports, requires a small upfront cost. However, the cost is extremely low. You would only need to invest in a good pair of running shoes, t-shirt and a pair of shorts. If you enjoy running to the sound of your favourite music, you can get yourself a phone arm band. RUN, RUN and keep in shape!


is a more dynamic and intense type of walk. It is usually performed on footpaths in the countryside or off trials into the wilderness. It is a fantastic way of getting out and about and exploring new places. Hiking is definitely not too much for the youngest members of your family, if you keep it fun and plan ahead for picnic breaks. Remember to take with you jumpers and waterproof jackets just in case. Hiking in the rainy weather can also be fun, especially for the little ones who would love to put on their wellies and splash in the paddles. If you plan to do more extreme hiking, it would be a good idea to wear a pair of good, walking boots. Hiking is great for body and soul. It is not only a good exercise, but it also allows you to clear your mind and step back from the day-to-day worries.


is a very popular winter activity that involves going down the slope on a snowboard, which is attached to your feet. The idea is to balance on the board and enjoy the ride. The first attempts can be bit challenging but when you get a grasp of the basic rules you will definitely choose to go down that slope again and again. In order to go snowboarding you would need the snowboard. There are many different types of boards depending on the style of snowboarding you would like to do. However, in this case I would recommend free ride board, which is the most popular. You also need to choose a good pair of snowboarding boots and bindings to control your board. Do not forget about well fitted helmet and padded waterproof snowboard suit.


is the use of bicycle for sport and recreation. Bicycles are also used as one of the main modes of transportation around the world. Bicycling involves sustained physical movement, which is a great exercise for your body. It gives you opportunity to access paths and rural trials, which you would not be able to access by car . As you spend more time in the saddle and find your comfort zones, you can ride through parks, woods and trials and enjoy the wind blowing through your hair. Well... not quite, as you need to put your helmet on. Don't forget about pads to protect your elbows and knees. Bicycling gloves are also a must have according to experienced cyclists.


is a sport, which uses wind to power sails and propel the boat on lake, sea or ocean. Nowadays, the boats have motors as backup means of transportation. Sailing for relaxation is called cruising. To get started you need to find a Marina and book time with qualified instructor, who will take you for the trip. If you would like to go on your own, you need to take a course to learn specific terminology and sailing techniques. All the boats are equipped with everything what is needed for safe sailing through the waters. The only thing you need to take care of is to dress according to the weather. Do not forget to take drinking water and delicious food, which you can enjoy on the boat.


can be individual or group sport and it can be highly competitive. Luckily, it can also be a recreational activity full of fun or relax. Swimming is a sport that attracts participants of all ages as it is a relatively injury-free activity. The Law of Gravity is more kind to people in water and performing the weight loss exercises like water aerobics which is much easier than on the ground. Did you know that even gentle swim can burn over 200 kcal in 30 minutes? Most people, however, soak in swimming pools for fun, floating around in the water, splashing water at each other or playing crazy games. Few essentials to get before the swimming session include swimming suit, flip flops, bath towel, swimming googles and a beach ball. Enjoy!


is a fun activity in which the individual uses skis to glide on snow down the slope. To start your exciting skiing adventure you need to find a resort and take few lessons to learn how to stand up, keep your balance, turn and ski down the slope. Skiing gives you the opportunity to spend time in the open air, get a bit of exercise and admire the beautiful winter sights. Now, let us take a look at the gear, which is essential to get started. You should first decide on what it is you really would like to do on the slope, in terms of style and techniques, as the type and size of the skis depends on that. You would also need ski boots and ski suit, which is quilted and waterproof. Do not forget about ski poles and googles. Skiing is a great hobby for the whole family who is starting out, with room to grow more advance. Take a deep breath, enjoy the fresh cool air and whizz down the slope together.


is shooting with a bow and arrow. In the past, archery has been used mainly for hunting and warcraft. Nowadays it is considered as a great sport or a peculiar hobby. archery is fun for all ages and abilities. It is not only about shooting the arrows. It is also about attending different events with different groups of people, themes and targets. To get into such hobby, you would need few obvious essentials, which are arrows, bow and a target face. Protective equipment is also recommended. You should definitely get yourself Finger Tab not to get your fingers sore and Brace (arm-guard) not to get your arm hit by the string.


is an activity of having your skin tanned while sitting or lying in the sun. The best scenery for this unusual hobby is a beach. You can lie on the sand and relax to the sound of the waves. You can also spend good time with your family and friends on the beach, talking, laughing, playing beach games while getting your skin tanned. To start your sunny adventure you would need a nice bikini, sun bed and beach towel. Please do note that staying in the sun for too long can be dangerous. That is why you need to cover your head with a hat. You would also need to protect your eyes with sunglasses. Please buy yourself a sun cream to apply it after reasonable time in the sun. Remember to drink a lot of water for hydration. It would also be a good idea to get special type of lotion which will cool and soothe your skin after a day in the sun.


is a sport where you use a racket, which is strung with cord, to strike a rubber ball. The ball needs to go over a net to the opponent's court. You have to play the ball in such a way that the opposite player is not able to return the ball. Tennis is exciting and fast-paced. It is a good workout for your heart and lungs. It will not only improve your health but it will also enable you to meet new people. You have the option to play against another player or join someone to play against another team of two. Starting out is easy. First you need to get a racket, tennis ball and some comfortable clothes and shoes. Then you need to find your local tennis court, join the club or find someone who would love to practice with you. I am sure you will enjoy the game and yourselves.

Air Ballooning

is an activity of flying in a wicker basket suspended beneath a hot air balloon. This form of aviation is more than 200 years old and today is used mainly for recreation. This airborne adventure offers thrilling experience and breath-taking views thousands of feet up in the air. With air ballooning no ride is the same. The balloon moves with the direction of the wind, enabling you to look down at different forests, hills, fields and towns every time you ride. Since piloting a balloon requires licensing and purchase of expensive equipment, the best option for you is to buy a balloon flight from a professional balloon rides operator. Balloon rides are available in many locations around the world and are especially popular in tourist areas. If you are planning a romantic trip, it would be a good idea to pack glasses and a bottle of nice wine or champagne, so that you can enjoy yourselves up in the air without additional costs.
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ice skating

can be performed for exercise, leisure and variety of sports and games. It can be done both, indoors and outdoors, on specially prepared arenas. Large city parks often offer ice rings during winter time. There is nothing better than enjoying Christmas spirit on ice with your family and friends, all wrapped up in warm scarves, hats and gloves. Taking younger children for the ice fun will not end up with a bump on a head as there are penguin- and seal-shaped stabilisers available to keep the youngest upright. There is also no need to panic if you feel unsteady on ice. Any nerves can be soothed with a mulled wine from the Ice Bar. To start this thrilling experience you should carefully consider what to wear. You should wear clothes that are easy to move around in. Try some warm, thick leggings and jacket that fits close to your body. In addition to ice skates, you need to consider getting hard guards for walking from where you put on your skates to the ice.


is a sport in which you proper yourself, under your own power with a paddle in a canoe / kayak. Sport offers a great way to get out on the water and spend some leisure time by yourself or with friends and family exploring the local waterways. There are trail types for all abilities and tastes, meaning there is something for everyone. The trials vary in distance, level of difficulty and scenery, from rural routes to urban tracks in busy city centres. To get started this exciting adventure you should join your nearest Club. Those Centres offer starter sessions and guided tours to absolute paddling beginners. Most clubs provide a service of hiring the kits. However, if you would like to owe your own gear, you will need: canoe / kayak, paddles, spray decks, buoyance aid / vest and craft.

storm chasing

is the activity of witnessing and observing, photographing or videoing all types of storms. Tornados are the most fascinating objects to chase. Despite the fact that tornados only appear in certain parts of the globe, you can still enjoy the beauty of nature by admiring other formations of storm structures and lightnings. The sound effects of thunders will also add to the sensation. It is a great way to get out and see the surrounding countryside in different scenery. Storm chasing will take up a lot of your time as you need to learn how to accurately forecast the time and place of the storm and set your vantage point for the best experience. Now, let us review the essential equipment. You would definitely need waterproof clothes and shoes. Please do remember that not only your clothing needs to be waterproof. Your bag and camera also needs to be water resistant. Do not forget about your binoculars and some light snacks, as you can be there a while before the show begins.


is an act of leaving your busy, day-to-day-life and spending time outdoors closer to nature. It is totally up to you how close to the nature you would like to be. There is a wide selection of camping equipment available for people who do not want to get too extreme. To start the exciting camping experience you should get the obvious essentials, which are: tent, sleeping bags and mats or air beds. You can also get camping furniture and kitchen equipment as there is nothing better than a nice, freshly prepared meal in the open air. Camping can be enjoyed by the whole family, offering a great opportunity for quality time. Enjoy the beautiful sunset while listening to the calming sounds of nature. In the evening you can relax by the camp fire and admire the twinkle stars.


Scuba diving is a form of underwater activity where a person carries special equipment to be able to breathe underwater. Word SCUBA means self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, a source of breathing gas, usually compressed air which allows a diver to enjoy great independence and freedom of movement. First of all, you need to sign up for a course to learn about diving and the diving equipment. Full gear contains breathing apparatus, a diving suit, fins, a mask and most importantly a lifeline- a line connecting the diver to a tender at the surface control point, which may be used for communication, providing a guideline to the surface for a diver or in an emergency. After completing the course and receiving a certificate you can start your amazing underwater adventure.

plane tracking

is an activity of observing passenger or military aircraft flights. If you've ever looked at a plane in the sky and wondered where it's flying to - plane tracking is for you. It's a good activity to learn about and enjoy the aviation industry and the aircraft. There are about 10,000 planes in the air at any time and you can track and locate specific aircraft from all over the world using applications or websites. If tracking flights is not enough, you can go to the nearest airport and observe the arriving and departing planes. Some airports have designated spotting areas. No advanced equipment is required for plane spotting. You can take your camera with you and share your observations with other spotters in online communities. Another attraction for aviation fans are airshows where people can see spectacular aerobatics tricks. Check where they are organised online, pick your destination and go for it!

Wildlife watching

is an act of observation of animals which is a recreational or social activity. People who love nature will definitely find it relaxing and enjoyable after a long day. There is a wide variety of animal kinds to observe: birds, butterflies, mammals, reptiles and many others. If you are interested in a particular one, check out basic facts about it online or get a special book to know the habits and characteristics before chasing its representatives outdoors. Wildlife watching can be an individual or a group hobby. Invite a friend or a family member to join you for a little trip outside the city and enjoy the wildlife get-together. You will need binoculars or telescopes, tasty snacks and drinks. You can also use a camera to record the 'targets' seen. There are publications available, which will provide you with valuable information on picking up a hobby in watching particular 'targets'. With in-depth information and details, you will not only have a better understanding, but gain valuable knowledge of watching as a hobby


Golf is a game played on the outdoor course. There are series of small holes in the ground on the course and you need to strike a small, hard ball with a club in a way for the ball to get into the hole. The participant with the fewest strokes wins. One of the most important aspects of playing golf is the equipment. First of all, make sure you have proper golf shoes, as they will hold your feet in place when you swing a club. The playing equipment you need is a golf bag with clubs and golf balls, which can be borrowed from most of the Golf Clubs. Please check the selected Golf Club regulations in terms of dress code. Some clubs are very strict when it comes to golf clothing. You would need a shirt with collar and sleeves, tailored shorts or long trousers and above ankle white sports socks. Luckily, there are always golf courses to fit everyone's taste and budget. You can even enjoy playing golf with your offsprings on miniature golf course. I am sure that everyone would enjoy overcoming different obstacles like rocks, figures, waterfalls offered by mini-golf courses. Take some snacks, water and sunscreen with you to enjoy it fully.


Volunteering is not a hobby but it is an activity that will take your time. If you are a person who likes to help out and wishes to do something useful than why not to volunteer. There are plenty of non-profit organisations that need your help and would be grateful for receiving the active support. Volunteering can be about helping people, animals, the environment and any other noble cause. It costs you no money and it is a way to make new connections. You will meet new people, who also support the same cause. Why not to bring along your family members and friends and encourage them to take part in a volunteering activity in your local community? However, if your time is limited you can help in a different way. To give you an example: helping out the animal shelter in your neighbourhood can be done by donating blankets, sheets or dog / cat food. Make the effort and commit. Do your little bit of good :)

mountain hiking

Mountain Hiking is a long distance walk on the mountain footpath or mountain trail. It is an outdoor activity that anyone can do with a little bit of preparation. There are plenty of tracks to choose from depending on your stamina and hiking experience. If you are a beginner hiker, a long day walk at constant pace is the option to go for. The footpaths for beginners are usually well kept and clearly marked within easy commuting distance. There will be a map of the area for you to study before you leave the trail, so you know exactly which paths to follow. For mountain hiking you need to dress and pack accordingly. Please wear comfortable hiking boots and clothes. You would need spare set of clothes for unexpected changes in the weather conditions. Take with you extra food and water. It would also be wise to pack a flick knife, flashlight and First Aid Kit. The precious advice from experienced hikers is to get a waterproof backpack to keep your spare things and equipment dry. Hiking is a great cardio workout enjoyed in gorgeous mountain scenery with fantastic views and fresh air. Such adventure will definitely boost your mood.


Caving is an activity of moving through and exploring the cave and returning to the surface without disturbing the cave site. Transported by your own feet you discover the extraordinary beauty of nature. You will explore hidden spaces and cave systems on your underground expedition. Some smaller and shallower caves can be explored without a guide. However, there are clubs and agencies offering cave exploration tours. You need few essential items before you enter any cave. Your head needs to be protected with a helmet. In order to keep your hands free, the helmet should be equipped with a flashlight. The type of clothes worn underground should be warm and waterproof. Make sure that you wear comfortable boots that cover your ankles, as the cave ground can be bumpy and slippery. Caving is an enjoyable outdoor activity for people of all ages that is a good exercise in very unique scenery. If you've dreamed of cave exploration, but have yet to try it, it's time to get out there and start your caving adventure.


is a technique in which you train the mind to encourage and develop concentration and emotional calmness. It is more about mental well-being rather that the physical one. Meditation helps you to learn the patterns and habits of your mind, which may lead you to discover new meaning of life, yourself and surrounding environment. To help you to get into the right mood, some candles, incense sticks and a comfortable mat to sit on would be advisable.


is a mind and body discipline in which you practice specific bodily postures while controlling your breath. It also involves simple mediation and mental and spiritual relaxation. Yoga is widely practiced for health as different poses focus on different parts of your body and you can personalize the training session to your medical condition. Other types of yoga practice can help you to lose weight and get more flexible. The best part of yoga practice is the fact that you can start it in the privacy of your own home. Yoga channels on YouTube will talk you through the basic poses and sequences. This way you do not need to spend money on classes. You only need to put on some comfortable yoga clothes and start your training on a yoga mat. You may find yoga blocks and blanket useful for some of the poses.

hula hooping

is an aerobic exercise of rotating a hula hoop around your waist. It is a fun activity, which will help you to get fit, lose weight and tone and strengthen your core muscles. After you master the basic techniques you can move to more advanced practices like rotating the hula hoop around your chest, neck or arms. You can come up with your own ideas how to use the hula hoop. Hula hooping is extremely low-cost and it keeps you in shape. The only thing you really need is a hula hoop. Remember that a plastic hula hoop is a bad choice as it is too light. You need one which weighs more than half a kilo and is covered with soft foam so it is comfortable during exercise. You also need to choose the correct size of the hoop. The bigger you are, the bigger the hoop has to be. Come on... get your hula hoop now and start practicing in your garden... It is easy and fun!


is a physical activity which involves a combination of movements or aerobic exercises engaging your main body muscles and is performed for at least several minutes. It is also referred to as cardio, which means cardiovascular exercise, as it speeds up your breath and increases your heartbeat to deliver a proper amount of oxygen to muscles and lungs during the training session. Aerobics include swimming, jogging, cycling, dancing, walking, rowing, running, etc. Such workout is generally performed in a gym in a group of people under instructor's supervision and accompanied by music. Join the nearest local club or gym if this form of exercise sounds appealing. You can also practise on your own with your favourite music on. There are only two things you need to get into aerobics, which are suitable, comfortable clothes and a pinch of enthusiasm. It is recommended to take it easy if you are a beginner and your physical activity has been low so far. Start with light exercises for at least 10 minutes a day and then move to harder ones, step by step with the aim of making progress gradually. I am sure that after few days of exercise you will feel re-energized as aerobics helps to reduce stress, lower the risk of heart diseases, lose weight and improve endurance, blood pressure and circulation. Take good care of your body and health!
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is a dance and fitness program, which involves the participant to perform aerobic and dance movements. The combination of different Latin American dance choreography combined with lunges and squats will definitely burn your calories. The music rhythm during the workout will let you feel energetic and positive. People of all ages can enjoy the benefits of practicing Zumba, as there are programs specially designed for older people and children. So, why not to start now? Find your local Zumba class. Beyond the cost of good sports shoes and clothes, you need nothing else. Put a smile on your face and get your worries go away to the sweet sound of energising music.

Weight Lifting

is an activity where the participant is lifting weights to stay fit and look good. Weightlifting changes the participant's appearance as it develops the strength and size of muscles. To start shaping up your body you would need to sign up for a gym. Before committing to a yearly membership, get yourself hand weights or even a weight bench to practice at home. See if you like it and then decide. Working out on regular basis is not the only important part of weightlifting / bodybuilding. Food is crucial. You need to eat clean. On top of a healthy diet, you need protein rich food supplements as proteins are responsible for building up your muscles. Combination of the right diet and regular workout will give you the desired effects.

martial arts

are different styles of training, designed for the purpose of self-defence or attack. The most popular types of Martial Arts are: Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, and Capoeira but the list is endless. The benefits of training one of the Martial Arts are numerous. Attending the classes will not only improve your fitness but it will also bust your self-confidence. It will help you to meet new people with the same passion and view that Martial Arts are the way of life and not just sport or exercise. The additional advantage of the practice is the fact that you will learn how to defend yourself. Now, let us look at what you would need to start your new life. Your outfit and equipment will depend on the type of the art you choose. So, decide, sign up for class and choose your outfit here.

skipping rope

is an activity of jumping over a rope, which is swung by you. The rope will pass over your head and when it is under your feet you make a jump. Rope jumping, incorporated into your exercise routine, will help you to burn calories faster. It will also strengthen your upper and lower body, adding muscles to your legs and shoulders. To begin your workout consider buying weighted rope as it holds its shape and is easier to maneuver. It is recommended to practice the jumps outside as there is more space for your workout. For this you would need some comfy sports shoes. Encourage your family to join you. Two of you can hold the ends of the rope and swing it while the other participants jump through it. This way you will do your workout and spend some fun, family time.


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is a team sport usually played with five people on each side. The goal is to score points for your team by shooting a ball through a basket that is put on a board at each side of a court. The game, first played more than a hundred years ago, is nowadays considered one of the most popular sports in the world. During a match, the ball is moved by passing or dribbling. It means you are not allowed to hold the ball and run at the same time. Basketball is also a great way to get fit and stay in shape. It burns calories, develops concentration and self-discipline. To enjoy a nice game with your friends you need a ball, a comfortable pair of basketball shoes and sports clothes.


is an indoor game played on a rectangular cloth-covered table in which players use a long cue to hit billiard balls to make them move around the table or to place them into pockets located around the table. There are three types of billiards: carom billiards - played with 3 balls on a table without pockets, pool - played with 3, 8 or 9 balls usually on a table with six pockets, and snooker - played with 22 balls on a table with six pockets. Billiards is based on applying different techniques and strategies to win and you can find out about those online. It is an excellent hobby for those who like spending time with friends or family and making some mental effort. Another advantage is casual clothing. You can wear whatever you want and just start the game. Go to your local bar or pub to practise billiards or buy the essential equipment to do it at home if, of course, you have enough space for a billiard table. You would also need balls, cues, ball racks and cue chalk. You will find the equipment at affordable price because of billiard's greater popularity. Invest a little in your hobby, invite some people over for the game at your home and enjoy the fun get-together.


The aim of this activity is to knock over bowling pins with a bowling ball and score the points for the knocked down pins. Each player rolls the ball on the wooden, flat lane towards the pins, which are positioned at the end of that lane. Each standard game is divided into 10 parts and each player gets two attempts in each part to hit the pins . To start the activity find your local Bowling Alley, which provides all the equipment needed for the game. You will also be supplied with special bowling shoes but for comfort and hygiene purpose, we would recommend buying your own shoes. You may also consider buying finger tape to protect your fingers from scratches. When you are all set up to grab your bowling ball, remember to choose the ball with the right finger size. You really do not want to have your fingers stuck in the bowl when it is already rolling. Bowling balls are quite heavy to pick up but you can still take your children to play. There are some special frames available for the youngest to help them rolling the bowl. Bowling is an activity full of fun and good for general physical fitness. The good news is that you just found a reason to lace up your shoes and start the game.


is a contact sport in which two participants fight with each other using their fists for a prearranged period of time in a ring in compliance with general boxing rules. Normally, a boxing match is divided into 9 to 12 rounds and each round lasts three minutes. It is a good idea to join your local boxing club where you will train with professionals and become familiar with basic moves and techniques or to train at home by following online lessons. Don't forget to acquire boxing gloves, comfortable shorts, mouthguard and punching bag if you practice at home. Boxing offers not only many physical advantages but also psychological ones. You can develop your muscles, make your body stronger, enhance confidence, agility and improve self-discipline.


is an activity of moving your body in a way that matches the style and speed of music. People dance everywhere: at homes, at nightclubs, at ceremonies, on the streets, whatever their age or gender. It is a form of art taken up for entertainment, hobby, recreation or for professional purposes. Dancing as a hobby not only does not require any particular abilities, but it also does not require any particular equipment. The only thing that is worth buying is a pair of comfortable shoes which you will definitely find useful not only at your local dance classes. You may sign up for ballroom dancing (salsa, cha cha, tango, mambo, rumba) modern dance, jazz, zumba, which has recently become more popular, pole dance, ballet, contemporary dance, breakdance, hip-hop dance and many others. Dancing can help you to boost your confidence, express your feelings, give an opportunity to meet new people, reduce stress and generally cheer you up. It's easy. Just feel the rhythm and let your feet move to the beat!


It is an activity which can be played pretty much everywhere if you have the right equipment. You can start enjoying the game with just three affordable essentials, which are the darts, the dartboard and the board stand. The main idea of the darts game is that each player throws the darts so they land on the board. There are many different games that can be played and as a beginner you will be happy to know that there are dart boards for all skill levels. The simplest and most popular game of darts is '501'. Each player takes turns to throw three darts. The score for each turn is summed up and than deducted from '501'. The player who first reduces the score to zero wins. Playing darts is a fantastic way to pass the time for people of all ages. It can be played for fun or as a competition if you are in for the challenge. Believe it or not, playing darts is healthy for you. Darts improve your concentration and hand-eye coordination. You will also find darts as a way to relax and release your stress.
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is a traditional Olympic sport in which two competitors fight using very thin swords, in order to collect points through a contact with the opponent. There are three forms of fencing, with different weapons and rules, called foil, epee, and sabre. Fencing requires both mental and physical agility, leading to increased flexibility, balance and coordination. It's a perfect choice for people seeking both challenge and fun. To start the practice you will need a weapon and a set of protecting clothes- a fencing mask to protect entire head and neck, chest protector, socks, gloves, knickers, and a plastron- an underarm protector worn underneath the jacket. To start the training, you should sign up for a fencing club classes.


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is an indoor hobby related to physical exercises or other types of activities which require good body coordination, agility and strength. Such exercises are usually performed on the floor or by means of different equipment such as rops, bars or beam. Similar to other sports, gymnastics styles vary, for example, Pommel Horse, High Bar, or Parallel Rings are characteristic of male competition while Balance Beam, Vault, or Uneven Bars are typical of female competition. The main advantages of this hobby are the opportunity to relax and stay in great shape. The only thing you need is gymnastics costume and a place to practice. Start from the Floor Exercise, don't hesitate and discover the limits of your body.


One of the wonderful things about this peculiar activity is that you don't need a bunch of gear to start. Juggling is about manipulating and tossing objects in the air at the same time, using one or two hands. The most popular objects to juggle are balls, rings or clubs but I guess, you can juggle anything you have lying around, as long as the objects are of similar size and shape. To start your practice try to juggle three objects with two hands or two objects with one hand. If you fall in love with this entertaining hobby, you can master it by increasing the number or using more dramatic objects to juggle. I am sure you will have fun showing your juggling skills to your friends. They would love watching your show. Why not to spark the interest of your children. It is never too early to begin learning this fun activity. You would be interested to know that juggling is a real workout for the brain. It improves the hand-eye coordination, reflexes, peripheral vision and motor skills. Come on! Work your brain out! Live a little and juggle!


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table tennis

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is a traditional japanese wrestling sport where the wrestler tries to push the opponent out of a circular ring or into the ground. Candidates to become sumo wrestlers go through a very tough and particular training. They move away from home at the young age to live in communal training stables. Physical characteristics of a sumo wrestler are very unusual. What sticks out is the enormous body build. Eating huge portions of food and sleeping after each meal is an essential part of the training. The reason behind the big weight is that the heavier the wrestler is, the more difficult it is going to be for the opponent to push the wrestler out of the ring. To become a sumo wrestler you have to move to Japan and be of a young age. That is why for most of you, it is going to be impossible to practice sumo. However, what we can offer you is to become a fun of this amazing sport. You can watch the broadcast of the sumo wrestling matches on TV. If you prefer to get the real experience, we suggest trip to Japan where you can watch sumo fighting live. Travelling to Japan will give you the chance to thoroughly experience the life, culture and cuisine of this beautiful country.


is a sport activity in which two opponents attempt to make the other one lose balance and fall on the ground according to rules, which vary depending on the wrestling style. Apart from athletics, wrestling is considered the oldest sports competition, as it appeared for the first time on ancient Olympics. The first step towards the practice is to join a wrestling club where you pick up the foundations of the sport and watch other club members wrestling to take in new tactics. Starting easily and learning the basic moves involve a full body workout. With time and regular practice not only your cardiovascular endurance will improve but you will also learn to control your emotions during the wrestling sessions. Before the practice, gear yourself up with a wrestling singlet, a mouthguard and shoes. Check with your club if you need to get your own protective headgear. Wrestling is a sport where you never stop moving and fall down countless times. You need to find a way to pick yourself up and start over. You can do it!

Pole Dancing

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Belly Dancing

also called Arabic dance. It is a solo oriental dance which is derived from Egypt and based on sensuous movements of the hips, belly and arms, normally performed by women. Although belly dancing has always been widely seen in the Middle East, it is rapidly developing in western parts of the world and its popularity is still growing. Belly dancing does not require any special skills. You just have to relax and feel and practice the natural movements. In order to learn the basic moves you can attend your local belly dancing classes, search for a private instructor or sign for an online course if you wish to do it on your own. Should you decide on belly dancing, remember to get the accessories such as hand props like sagat, tambourines or veil and costume consisting of a tight top with coins or fringes, a hip belt, harem pants or skirt. Don't forget about mysterious makeup! It is a perfect hobby for women who want to boost their confidence and unleash the wild side of their personality.

Bonsai Tree

is a hobby or art derived from Japanese culture and connected with cultivation of special plants, which imitate the look of real trees but are of smaller size. Such cultivation process involves using specific techniques of taking care of bonsai trees, styles of shaping them that vary in terms of different bonsai tree species. You can gain access to all the necessary information from online websites, bonsai guidebooks or even take up an online course during which people who share the passion and already have some experience will show you how to get into the bonsai spirit. The plants and pots may be bought from online garden centers. You simply have to decide whether you would like to keep your bonsai tree outside or inside and then choose the tree which suits your requirements and environment best. Beginners are recommended to purchase some easy to maintain tree species to make the bonsai experience easier. Get your perfect bonsai tree and let your creativity expand.


is an art of making objects out of clay and leaving them in a special oven called kiln at a given temperature to harden. It is a perfect hobby for those who appreciate peace of mind, individual work and freedom of decision as you can create whatever comes to your mind. There are many various ceramics techniques. If you are a newbie, start with the simplest one called pinch pots. You will need nothing more than a piece of clay, a table to work on and your hands. You can also sign up for local pottery classes to know the basics. When you get more experience, you can equip yourself with some additional tools, such as modeling tools, scrapers and knives. Usually you can buy them in a set which is rather cheap. This hobby will allow you to save some money as you may decorate your house with your own handmades. You will see that making something with your own fingers provides more self-satisfaction :). Just free your imagination and shape your first pot!


is an activity of changing the colour of something. Isn't it for children? It has been associated with children who definitely love the activity. However, it is not the case any more. Recently colouring became a novelty among adults. It has become increasingly widespread to the extent that even colouring books for adults and websites with ready to colour materials are launched and recommended as a form of relaxation. According to psychologists colouring helps to relax the amygdala which is a part of brain responsible for making decisions, memory and emotions such as fear or anxiousness. Colouring is a low-cost hobby because the only thing you need is coloured pencils or crayons, a piece of paper to colour and some free time. Colouring will help you release your stress, improve concentration and creativity. Bring back the memories of your childhood and colour your life.


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Floral Arrangements

is an art of creating compositions from flowers and other materials related to plants for decorative purposes. There are some professional principles of floral arrangements including rhythm, balance, harmony, proportion, unity and contrast as well as a variety of styles such as Garden Style, Western Line, Crescent Corsage, Botanical Style and others. Those who want to try this hobby and start their experience with flowers do not need anything else but flowers, great motivation and creativity. It means that everyone can become a floral master. You can practise floral arrangements on your own by taking the advantage of guide books and online video tutorials available, for example, on YouTube and other websites. If you prefer hands on support you should sign up for local classes. Let's find your favourite style and enjoy the close contact with nature.


is an art or activity of folding paper into a wide range of shapes of some objects, animals, etc for decorative or entertaining purposes. It is typically attributed to Japanese culture. Not only may adults find origami interesting, but it can also attract the younger generation. Origami offers the opportunity to calm down, develop creativity and discover inner harmony. This hobby is one of the cheapest ways of spending your free time as the only thing you need is a piece of paper. It is recommended that paper used for Origami should be thin and strong enough not to tear while being folded numerous times. You can gain information regarding the techniques of making Origami in different handbooks, which are certainly very helpful for beginners. Alternatively, you can look for tips how to make origami online. Just grab a piece of paper and free your spirit of creativity.


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is an activity of making quick drawing which aim is to present the main features of an object, an idea, etc without any details. It frequently functions as a preparation for more elaborate drawings. Similar to drawing, it is more concentrated on the shapes and forms rather than on colours and mass. Sketching is a very cheap hobby because you only need a pencil or a piece of charcoal and a sketchbook. It is a good way to express yourself, relax and become more open-minded. If you are a beginner and keen on meeting new people, enroll on a local course. However, if you prefer working individually, you should watch online tutorials, take an online course or visit online blogs to learn the fundamental techniques of sketching. You can sketch whatever comes to your mind, whenever and wherever. Just think of something you find beautiful or interesting and put it on paper.


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Paper Making

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is an activity of making objects from wood such as making furniture, sculptures, tables, bowls and many other elements for decorative or practical purposes. Woodworking involves several ways of dealing with wood including woodturning, wood burning, carving or wittling. It is recommended that beginners should take a course to get to know the secrets of woodworking, e.g. how to deal with tools, how to understand woodworking plans, familiarising with safety rules and wood kinds. Then, if you feel you are able to handle it on your own, there are some tools that may be bought online: a table saw, a hand drill, a sander, a square, a router, and clamps. You can find many woodworking plans online or you can invent your own projects. If you get very good at woodworking, you may decide to sell your pieces of work. You can start selling them to your friends or family and they could recommend you to their friends and others. Woodworking provides relaxation and sense of accomplishment for a long time.

String Figures

is an activity of making figures or objects by manipulating a string using your hands, fingers, wrists, mouth or even feet. Sometimes it is done with the help of another person. It is one of the oldest games in a history, which has attracted many children and adults all over the world for many years. Before the introduction of mass media and books, string figures were used to demonstrate the stories that people told around a bonfire. They were also used to forecast the sex of an unborn child or tell the fortune. Getting into string figure, gives you an opportunity to become a member of the International String Figure Association. Such membership is totally free and provides you with the access to special magazine devoted to the game and many other information. You can search for online websites or videos, which present guidelines on various moves and string figure techniques. Beginners are usually recommended to start with some basic figures such as Opening A and then move on to those more complicated. Before practising, you have to buy only one thing: a string. You have to admit that it is a very budget-friendly activity. Remember that you must tie the ends of the string together to make it work while manipulating it. Make sure that the string slides gently across your hands without causing any unnecessary scratches. And that's it! Invite your family or friends to the game and share your string experiences.


is an activity of making, repairing or modifying clothes or other items by means of a needle and a thread. Sewing constitutes one of the oldest art forms in textile industry which originated in Paleolithic times. Sewing has always been done by hands. Though the introduction of sewing machine and developments in computer sector enhanced mass production of sewn items, handcrafting continues to be practised all over the world. Therefore, you can choose whether you want to sew by hands or to use a machine. There are two fundamental kinds of sewing. Plain sewing which focuses mainly on making clothes or blankets and fancy sewing which concentrates on making decorative elements, e.g. embroidery. You need a couple of things to start which are: a sewing machine, a measuring tape, scissors, a tracing wheel, pins, needles, threads and a threader. The great advantage of sewing is that you can mend your clothes or even modify them instead of buying new. Save some money and create something with your own hands.


is an art of making a collage from photos and other decorative elements called a scrapbook or decorating already existing albums, e.g. photo albums, birthday cards, calendars, invitations, boxes and many others. The phenomenon of scrapbooking has emerged in the United Kingdom, but now it enjoys the greatest popularity in the United States. Interestingly, Mark Twain and Thomas Jefferson were the first well-known scrapbookers. Scrapbooking provides a possibility to develop your creativity, express yourself, forget about the reality and relax. Join a forum, a social media fan page, visit websites about scrapbooking to get more information or browse online blogs to find inspiration and get it started. The absolutely necessary thing you need is a scrapbook. The most popular size is A-4, but it is entirely up to you which size you consider the most comfortable. Other accessories that you can use include: glue, glitter, scissors, dried flowers, buttons, beads, eyelets, ribbons and whatever you wish. Firstly, decide on the topic of your scrapbook, whether you would like to collect postcards from holidays, family photos, unique coins or stamps and preserve them in a decorative book. Secondly, come up with a style which will suit your collection. Make sure that materials used to decorate the pages are of high quality, which would increase durability of your scrapbook. Such albums or cards are a good idea for a present. Your friends or family will definitely appreciate a handmade gift. Free your imagination, release your creative spirit and get to work.


is an activity of intertwining or looping of a rope, a string or something similar into a knot with the aim of tying a string to other element or merging two strings into one. Fishermen, sailors, scouts or climbers have always taken advantage of knotting. It constituted a frequent hobby in the Navy. Since navy crews were taught how to do knotting for practical purposes and had nothing better to do in their spare time on the high seas, they treated knotting as a sort of entertainment. Nowadays, knotting is widely employed in other hobbies or activities such as macrame, construction of jewellery or sewing. Should you feel like trying this handcraft, browse the internet for some tips and techniques of knotting. It is a very budget-friendly hobby as the only thing you need is a string or a rope. Knotting helps you to improve memory and provides hand muscles exercise.


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is an art of making decorative elements by means of knotting methods. The word 'macrame' can derive from Arabic word 'migramah' meaning 'coverlet' or from Turkish 'makrama' meaning 'towel', 'napkin'. Experts' opinions vary. This activity was very popular in the 70s. Its prime was gone over time; but now it's gaining more and more enthusiasts. Macrame is a budget-friendly hobby as it just requires a rod, scissors and nimble fingers. To make your project ideas real, you can use different kinds of materials like cotton, jute, linen, yarn and others. You can create anything you want: home accessories, jewellery, plant pots, wall decorations, outfit accessories, etc. Macrame is known for its therapeutical and calming effects. Keep calm and do macrame!

Matchstick Modeling

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Well done! You are a real hunter, you've just found Yeti! Don't believe it? Well, now you have to ;). This creature lives in the mountains, away from people so it's really hard to meet. Yeti probably lives in Himalayas (Tibeth, Buthan, Nepal, India) and Siberia regions where it was encountered. There were and still are himalaists supposed to see Yeti or believers organising expeditions in searching of it, but no solid evidence was found. The main thing that speaks for Yeti existence are photographed footprints. If you want to be a Yeti hunter, join the expedition. Please do remember about proper preparation and equipment. You will need a camera, an audio recorder to capture this unique creature, special clothing not to stand out from the nature scenery, comfy shoes. Other essentials are: flashlight, first-aid kit, food and water supplies. Those who don't like such adventures, can keep a track of news and records of Yeti sightings online. Sign up to HobbieFinder to hunt more of those! :)


is an activity of trying to catch fish. Fish can be caught in both freshwater (like pond, lake or stream) or saltwater location. Fish get stressed by loud sounds, so quiet and peaceful places are the best for fishing and because of that it's a great way to relax. You can go fishing alone, but it's a good activity to spend time with family or friends. Besides, there are no age limits, fishing can be a good activity for everyone. At the beginning of your fishing adventure, check out the licenses you need and which law you need to follow. There is a wide variety of fishing gear available, but you can keep it simple. All you need for start is a fishing rod, fishing line, hooks, baits and some tackle box to store the gear. Don't be afraid to ask experienced anglers for help, they will know what kind of bait is the best for specific location. You don't have to focus on particular kinds of fish, try to catch anything. When you catch a fish, gently remove a hook. You can release it carefully or store it in water bucket. Remember that fishing takes patience, just relax and enjoy the sunshine.


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